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About Community for the Grid:

Community for The Grid (C4G) is an organized effort by stakeholder groups to educate the public about the advantages of a Community Grid as the best option for replacing the current I-81 viaduct, while also countering the misinformation being spread by advocates for replacement of the current viaduct with a tunnel or new viaduct. The primary objective of the C4G Campaign is a coordinated operation among the various Community Grid advocacy groups, organizations, the Walsh Administration and the Syracuse Common Council.

The Postcard Campaign

One of our goals is to collect thousands of postcards from individuals from the city of Syracuse and the surrounding area who declare their support for a Community Grid. The C4G Campaign will make copies of each postcard and hand deliver them in bulk to specific elected officials and the DOT after a press conference at the close of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement public comment period. Sign on to the postcard campaign here.

Educational Videos

We are producing educational videos to help spread the word on why the community grid is the best option for Syracuse. The videos will also work to correct the misinformation about the I-81 viaduct and explain why replacing or repairing the current viaduct is not a safe or realistic option.

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